Finding Love After Loss: Chapter 2's partnership with ITV AdVentures Ignite for ITV3

At Chapter 2, we’re thrilled to announce our upcoming advertising campaign on ITV3 throughout December. Our aim is to support more widows and widowers in finding happiness in their next chapter.

Our advert, featuring the voice of TV presenter Jenny Powell, will debut on ITV3 at 09:45pm on Monday 11th December. Get a sneak peek here:

We are very excited to be partnered with ITV AdVentures Ignite, the broadcaster’s commercial incubator – existing to support start-up and scale-up brands at every stage of their TV journey. ITV is the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, and has the ability to connect brands with a wide variety of audience demographics at scale.

Chapter 2 founder, Nicky Wake says: “I am thrilled and excited to be jumping into the world of TV advertising and where better to begin this journey than with ITV. I have been blown away by the way in which Chapter 2 has been received by the widow community and I hope that the medium of TV will allow us to reach more widows and widowers than ever and help them find their Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 really is a passion project of mine and I am so excited to see what Chapter 2’s ‘next chapter’ holds.”


Callum Taylor, Head of ITV AdVentures Ignite says: “We launched AdVentures Ignite over 4 years ago to create genuine partnerships with start up brands, and use our powerful platform to support them on their growth journey. 

We give every partner our all, but it’s fair to say that hearing Nicky’s story really struck a chord. We’re excited to introduce Chapter 2 to the nation over the Christmas period – which can be a particularly difficult time for those who have lost their loved ones.”


We invite you to tune into ITV3 throughout December for our advert, combined with perfect programming for the festive period. We hope you like it!

Your thoughts are invaluable to us, so please share your feedback by emailing – we’d love to hear from you.

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