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Here at Chapter 2, we know just how challenging managing your finances as a widow or widower can be. Added to the cost-of-living crisis, times can be incredibly tough.

We want to ensure our community is getting the financial help they are entitled to.

As you may know, Bereavement Support Payments are a government provided one off lump sum payment and up to 18 months of monthly payments. The payment is not means tested and is payable to anyone who is under 65 when their partner died, providing their partner paid NI contributions for at least 25 weeks in one tax year since 1975 or died because of an accident or a disease at work.

If you were getting Child Benefit when your partner died (or did not get it but were entitled to it), you’ll get the higher rate.

This is made up of:

  • a first payment of £3,500
  • up to 18 monthly payments of £350


If you were not entitled to Child Benefit, you may get the lower rate unless you were pregnant when your partner died.

This is made up of:

  • a first payment of £2,500
  • up to 18 monthly payments of £100

You must claim within 12 months of your partner’s death to get the first payment. If you claim after this date, you may only get monthly payments. You should apply to see if you’re qualify.

The application is quick and simple and if successful, payments are made within a week or two.

Historically, Bereavement Support Payments were only paid to married couples or those in civil partnerships however Widowed and Young, a fabulous charity, has been campaigning to extend this support to co-habiting couples. We are delighted that they delivered a successful campaign which resulted in a change in law in February 2023. Retrospective claims can now be made, details here.

And further information can be found here:

You can also read advice from Martin Lewis here:

Please ensure you are claiming what you are entitled too and help spread the word to any widows and widowers you know.

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