How to Get the Most Out of Your Chapter 2 Membership

At Chapter 2, we are creating a safe and secure space to explore what your next chapter may look like but recognising and respecting what has gone before. The community ‘get it’, they are all widows and widowers who understand what you have been through. We can all help each other navigate a way forward, we all deserve some happiness and joy.

We’ve put together a few helpful tips to ensure you get the most benefit from your membership, for both Basic and Premium Access members.

Firstly, take a look at your photos
  • All pictures should be recent (within the last twelve months).
  • Only include photos of you, please don’t include friends or family in shots as this can be confusing.
  • Try to include a full length picture and a headshot.
  • We hope this goes without saying but no rude pictures – keep it clean people 😉 we are not that kind of website…
  • We highly recommend adding several photographs. You can add unlimited photos – profiles with lots of photos definitely attract more attention!

Next, take a look at your profile
Ensure you write a detailed profile. Feel free to tell us:
  • a little about your late partner
  • how long you have been widowed
  • what you are looking for
  • your job, hobbies and pastimes
You may also want to include some information about whether you have or want children.

Now, let’s start finding people

Once your profile is fully completed you can search and ‘find people’ – this is the button in the top left corner on the platform homepage.

We highly recommend setting your distance to ‘anywhere’ which will give you the largest selection of potential matches. If you wish to, you can reduce this, but please remember that some people are absolutely willing and able to travel to meet the right person… you don’t want to rule out Mr or Ms Right for the sake of a few miles!

Time to start matching

Once you’ve seen some people you like it is time to start matching.

To like someone or message them, you will need have a Premium Access membershipFor that you can see who has liked you, like as many people as you wish and send unlimited messages. You can sign up here or if you haven’t already, upgrade your membership here.

What’s next?

With online dating you need to be pro-active and invest some time and effort. Don’t wait for people to like you, be bold and brave and click some hearts – you may make someone’s day!

Once you have matches then it is time to send a friendly message introducing yourself. Try not to use generic messages and perhaps reference something in their profile that caught your eye, flattery works wonders! Always remember to use the platform for all communications until you feel comfortable enough to share contact details.

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