Love Again...

A heartbreakingly beautiful film about loss, loving again, and sharing your deepest inner thoughts with your late partner by text.

Andy, my gorgeous and much missed late husband is still number one in my favourites on my iPhone, I simply cannot bring myself to ever delete him. I still tag him in Facebook posts, I can’t bring myself to memorialise his Facebook account, it’s almost like admitting he has gone and accepting that void is this new life…

I watched Love Again, a Netflix film on Friday night and had possibly one of the most cathartic 100 minutes of my life. 

I ugly cried, I’m talking snot and tears… It resonated SO much and was a hugely honest portrayal of life as a young widow and the challenges of dating again and finding your Chapter 2. I suspect it will replace a Star is Born as my go to movie for travel. I highly recommend it, it’s not officially out in the UK yet but thanks to a VPN I was able to watch it, it’s definitely worth searching out.

There were a few lines in the dialogue that really resonated. Mira (Priyanka Chopra), the lead character and widow, has a favourite diner that serves the best burgers in the city. The owner of the diner is also a widower. Mira asks him how he copes, he says “I sit down and the end of a day pour two glasses of wine and talk to her”. I realised I do this all the time, it’s those little moments at the end of day that I miss the most. I talk to Andy all the time and I suspect I’m not the only widow who does this…

This obviously resonated with Mira, so she starts texting her late husband her innermost thoughts, tears and fears. Unbeknown to her, his phone number has been re-allocated to the male lead Rob (Sam Heughan), a music journalist who is writing an article about Celine Dion, played by herself and famously a widow. 

Another favourite line was where the diner owner tells her it gets better in time, he said “the ice thickens and some day it will support you”. I loved the positivity in that, time does not heal but it definitely feels easier a few years down the track.

Towards the end of the film Mira talks to Rob and says she wants “the full truth always even it is messy and painful” which inevitably dating a widow is. She continues “that’s life… I will always be John’s wife, I will always miss John”. As widows and widowers our lives are complicated and messy, but we must have hope and find joy in the new life we are living.

Do you text / talk to your late partner? We’d love to know. Send an email to

Let’s all remember our lost loves and how we keep their memories alive.

If you can watch it online, I definitely would, just remember the tissues… you will shed a few tears. I hope we can help you find your next chapter and ‘Love Again’.

Nicky Wake, Chapter 2

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